First en last time
Dr. Martin Luther King was my employer, my minister, my friend. I worked for him for almost 3 years. I first met Dr. King in…
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His son remebered me
On the 4th day of April,  it will be 50 years since Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr. bled and died in Memphis TN. Last summer,…
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America trip
On the 4th day of April,it will be 50 yearssince Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.bled and died in Memphis TN.Last summer, my wife and Itraveled…
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Penn Center Frogmore S.C. November 4, 1966 Photo Bob Fitch
Civil rights football
The story behind the picture. I had the privilege of working for Dr. King for 3 years. It changed my life.  I sat with Mrs.…
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“The chief weapon in our fight for civil rights is the vote.”Dr. Martin Luther King spook these words in 1955during the Montgomery Bus BoycottThis was…
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