Selected speeches by Harcourt

America trip

On the 4th day of April,it will be 50 yearssince Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.bled and died in Memphis TN.Last summer, my wife and Itraveled back to the South with a film crewmaking a documentary for Dutch Television.We visited Rev. Andrew Young in Atlanta.We knew him from the Movement.We went to the Ebenezer Baptist Church.We …

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“The chief weapon in our fight for civil rights is the vote.”Dr. Martin Luther King spook these words in 1955during the Montgomery Bus BoycottThis was a decade before the climax of the Voting Rights Campaign,The Selma March,in the freezing cold spring of 65now 50 years ago Later that yearon a sweltering hot summer dayhe spoke …

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I worked for Dr. King for three years. He was my employer, my minister, my friend. I remember the living room of his simple home on the edge of the Black slums. He chose to live there. He used to say “I want to be reminded each day for whom I work.” That living room …

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It was spring of 1965 A white minister went into a black café in Selma Alabama When he came out, he was clubbed in the head. Three days later, he died. I heard about it on the radio. The next day,  I and two of my friends drove 1500 miles to attend his Memorial Service. …

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The nightmare

The story behind the picture*. The night Dr. King’s Dream turned into a nightmare. I had the privilege of working with Martin Luther King in the last two years of his life. I knew him as my employer, my minister and friend and not only him, but also the rest of his family. As Assistant …

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