In the Netherlands this year we are celebrating 75 years of freedom. Dr. King said: Freedom is a constant struggle.   In America is is 55 years ago that the Voting Right struggle took place. It was the spring of 1965 in Selma, Alabama. There were marches, protests! Dr. King was speaking about –  the

Dr. Martin Luther King was my employer, my minister, my friend. I worked for him for almost 3 years. I first met Dr. King in 1965  when I was a Theology student at Yale. My friend Homer McCall, a fellow student, was a member of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  Homer took me to

On the 4th day of April,  it will be 50 years since Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr. bled and died in Memphis TN. Last summer, my wife and I traveled back to the South with a film crew making a documentary for Dutch Television. We visited Rev. Andrew Young in Atlanta. We knew him from

On the 4th day of April,it will be 50 yearssince Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.bled and died in Memphis TN.Last summer, my wife and Itraveled back to the South with a film crewmaking a documentary for Dutch Television.We visited Rev. Andrew Young in Atlanta.We knew him from the Movement.We went to the Ebenezer Baptist Church.We

The story behind the picture. I had the privilege of working for Dr. King for 3 years. It changed my life.  I sat with Mrs. King and Dr. King in their kitchen and shared meals. I followed him with a microphone and recorded his speeches. I walked from Selma to Montgomery. I have so many

Penn Center Frogmore S.C. November 4, 1966 Photo Bob Fitch
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